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My Story

Your Memories, Stitched with Love

I started sewing at a young age, on and off, encouraged by my mum, but my passion for it came later....

Michelle Corbin Design was Established in 2010, following the births of my 2 children, previously a Hairdressing Lecturer and Freelance Hair Stylist, I decided that if I was to resume this career path, it would not be so conducive to a growing family and I was keen to be a 'Stay at Home Mum'.  

I have always loved being creative and sewing was a big part of my life, growing up. As a child, I watched and learned to sew with my mum, moving on to gaining more confidence at school, where Textile Art and Textiles Home Ec, were my most successful subjects.

My love of Keepsake Gifts and Accessories came about when my friends twin girl and boy hit the age of 5.  I was inspired to make them a Tooth Fairy Cushion each and soon after I realised, that Personalised Bespoke items were growing more and more popular and so the Tooth Fairy Cushions lead to a neighbour asking me to create a cushion from her Granddaughters baby clothes which lead to more of what you see today.

Creating Keepsake Heirlooms from Baby Clothing and Pre-Loved Clothes have become one of my most popular and requested items, followed by Tooth Fairy Cushions and Personalised, Bespoke Embroideries. Embroidery has always been a passion, and Hand Embroidery has been something I have practiced for years, perfecting and learning new stitches.  Then I discovered Free Motion Machine Embroidery in 2013 and became instantly hooked. I have since introduced this technique into most of my work, creating original Art work and Personalised Commissions.

2018 saw changes to my business, where I introduced Hand Embroidery Kits and there are more to come.  I ave also introduced Digital Patterns and Handmade Journals are becomng a permanent feature.

My aim as an Artist is to create original and personalised treasures, to help people remember Special Moments in their lives, but also through my small workshops and embroidery kits to introduce others to the art, encouraging them to develop their own designs and techniques.  They then can add these beautiful accessories to their homes or gift them to those they love, creating bright, fresh and unique heirlooms which can be handed down from generation to generation and so preserving memories for years to come.


I have always been passionate about keeping even the tinest piece of fabric and use it where I can in my work, therefore omitting it from Landfill and giving it a new lease of life.

Keepsake items are a great way to repurpose clothing, but in my studio I accumilate mountains of scrap fabrics, so I am working hard to use them more and more in my work.

I am also trying to source more sustainable and ethically made items as I move forward in my business, so I hope that you will support me in this journey as it is so important to me and my family.